Leilani Marty-Santos, Ph.D.

10x Genomics – Spatial Science and Technology Advisor 

Bio: Leilani Marty-Santos works for 10x Genomics as a Spatial Science and Technology Advisor covering the Central and Southeast US and is based in Dallas, TX. Prior to joining 10x, Leilani worked as a Field Application Scientist training researchers on multiple spatial biology techniques.

Leilani obtained her PhD in Genetics, Development and Disease at UT-Southwestern Medical Center where she studied the transcriptional regulation of pancreatic progenitor cells. Her passion for Developmental Biology then took her to the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin for her postdoctoral work focusing on lung development and homeostasis.

Talk Title – Experience the power of Visium Spatial and Xenium In Situ: From simple workflows to powerful visualization

Abstract: “Form follows function” is a famous architecture saying that works exceptionally well for cellular biology. The shapes of biological structures, from nucleic acids to large tissue structures, are dictated by the functions they carry out. Because cells reside within microenvironments, their functions are influenced by the network cells surrounding them, sending and receiving messages. Spatially resolved biology, including whole transcriptomic and targeted in situmethods, allows scientists to build a more complete view of cellular function in a morphological context, representing a paradigm shift in the study of biological systems. Visium from 10x Genomics is a NGS-based spatial discovery platform that allows whole transcriptome profiling of tissues. The Xenium In Situ platform is an imaging-based solution that provides precise localization of thousands of RNA targets with subcellular resolution, offering true single cell spatial analysis. Insights from these spatial techniques can be combined with single cell data to bring greater resolution and enable a deeper understanding of gene expression patterns, helping researchers develop and refine hypotheses. Join us to see biology in new ways with the most comprehensive spatial resolution and scale.

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